About Us
The BHRG Foundation has been assessing children with developmental deficiencies since 1993, providing them with movement therapies and cognitive developmental therapies all over Hungary. As the main institute for the Planned Sensory Motor Therapies (PSMT I-II) and the Hydrotherapeutic Rehabilitational Gymnastics (HRG), both created by Katalin Lakatos PhD, we are functioning as a centre for methodology, research and professional studies. We are treating children aged 3 months to 14 years with an injured nervous system and with developmental deficiencies, as well as children with a sound intellect but with learning, behavioural or movement difficulties. Our therapists have received special training and take part in regular workshops so that they can provide children with the most up-to-date therapeutic techniques on an everyday basis. We record and document every part of our therapeutic process and its results and these recordings are included in our training DVDs and presented at conferences.
Since 1994, 1400 professionals have completed our accredited courses on diagnosing and therapy and 70 therapists have enrolled in the educational programme of our Quality Insurance System which provides them with adequate training so that they can reach a higher level in theory and in practice as well. All participants take an exam at the end of the course, which will be recorded and analyzed. We keep the contact with all therapists that have taken our course in the past, providing them with a forum where they get to ask questions in professional matters and take part in our follow-up courses.
Our vision
We aim to become a centre for diagnosis, therapy, development and knowledge that can successfully help organically immature children perform better at school and catch up with peers.
Our mission
After a complex assessment of organic maturity, we put together personalized therapeutic and developmental training programmes and cooperate with families to carry them out.
Values we believe in
Our core values are integrity, reliability, responsibility and a sense of professional vocation; paying maximum attention to children we treat and to families we come in contact with; creating values and constantly accumulating knowledge.